Turf (South Bronx 2009-2012)

From 2009--2012 Turf, focused on working with South Bronx residents to improve the quality of food available in Parkchester.  Turf’s approach to addressing food concerns were shaped by the experiences of community residents, many of whom were first, second, and third generation Americans who grew up on or around farms and were dissatisfied with the quality of food available in their new communities in the US.   Turf offered workshops and volunteer opportunities for youth, adults, and seniors, as a means to both broaden their understanding of food systems and provided opportunities to shape and improve it.

Community Volunteers
Turf worked collaboratively with community residents to design food and health projects, lead educational workshops, manage projects, and fundraise. 

Turf worked closely with high school and college students.  Interns created and administered community food surveys, assisted with managing our community csa, and have co-facilitated educational workshops in the community.

Educational Workshops
Turf offered Community Health Workshops that provided residents with information on how to purchase, cook, and grow food.  In addition, Turf offered workshops and film screening on the importance of supporting sustainable agriculture.

In 2009, Turf started Parkchester's first community supported agriculture (css) program with community residents, Just Food, W. Rogowski Farm, and St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church.  The csa provided residents with the opportunity to purchase vegetable directly from a local farm. 

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