Turf's Project Director

Sharon Wong has over ten years of experience leading programs in non-profit organizations that focus on positive youth development and environmental justice. While in graduate school, her experience of traveling to Nicaragua, as a delegate for Witness for Peace, then later to Cuba, developed her interest in justice issues and policies affecting poor and marginalized communities in the U.S. and abroad. In 2003, Sharon began working in the South Bronx leading New Settlement Apartment’s Bronx Helpers Program, an award winning after school, youth leadership and community service program. During this time, Sharon began taking teens to upstate farms in New York to learn what foods are local to the region and basic farming practices and enrolling teens in volunteer opportunities on urban farms and community gardens in the city to foster their interest in growing food. In 2009, Sharon started Turf, an Open Space Institute Project focused on improving the quality of food available in the South Bronx.  And in 2010, Sharon became the Community Development Manager at NYC Food and Fitness Partnership’s (NYCFAF) and worked with community organizations and agencies to develop policy and system changes in accessing healthy food and creating safe environments for outdoor physical activities .  Today, Sharon working addressing sustainable food issues in South Florida.

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