Thursday, August 29, 2013

Recently I visited Cheese Culture, a wine bar, cheese and charcuterie house located in Las Olas Fort Lauderdale.  With an European exterior, rustic interior, and super friendly staff, Cheese Culture offers a sophisticated and laid back experience for cheese lovers.

My companion this day was my 11-year-old cousin.  I wanted to introduce her to a different type of grill cheese sandwich.  I think I may have been too ambitious. We tried a special sandwich (not on the menu) one with blue cheese, fig spread and green apples.   She ate two bites of the sandwich and express her disdain for blue cheese.  I ate the rest of the sandwich and salad.  Wanting her to leave with a positive experience, one of the servers gave her a few slices of hard salami which she loved.

Before leaving Cheese Culture, my little cousin had a question about a hanging plaques with the restaurant's logo--A Whey of Life.  She was unfamiliar with the word 'whey' and I only understood this word as a type of protein for shakes.  Our server said that most guest don't really know what whey is. Whey is a by-product of cheese making, formed when the cheese curds separate from the milk or cream. After the curds are formed, the remaining liquid is called whey; it is typically thin and watery and will sometimes have a bluish tinge.

For my next visit, I hope to try one of their cheese board with wine. The weekdays, during lunch, is a good time to visit, if you want to chat with staff, get their recommendations on food, wines, and what is happening locally. Fridays evenings are the best days to go if you want more of a social experience.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Turf Adventures in South Florida!

I am now in South Florida!  Too new to know what the food culture is or what exciting sustainability projects are happening in my neighborhood. I also what to just relax a bit, get to know people and what folks value instead of coming into a new place with a food justice or any kind of agenda. That said, there are no new Turf projects brewing. Right now, I will just share some of my experiences in a new city and maybe some resources and info in case you decide to visit.

First is Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfast House, a restaurant that uses local foods and is located in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Last week I had a craving for pancakes and decide to try this place out. I saw Florida Corn Oven Pancakes on the menu and knew I had to try it. Baked in a buttered cast iron skillet, made with fresh corn, and served with Vermont maple syrup it is a delicious combination of sweet and savory and it's enough to share.