Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fair Food Program and the CIW in NYC Today

The Fair Food Program (FFP), spearheaded by the Coalition of Immokalee Worker (CIW) and the Florida Tomato Grower Exchange, is a partnership between farmworkers, Florida tomato growers, and tomato buyers.  Implement in 2010, this program works to provide better wages and working condition for tomato growers in the state of Florida.
Wendy’s, is the last of the five largest fast food corporations in the country not participating in the Fair Food Program. However, today, hundreds of people will be gathering at Union Square in NYC in a demonstration for farmworker justice and Wendy’s participation in the program.
To learn more about the Fair Food Program, click here.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Miami and Egg and Dart

I recently visited Miami.  Even though I use this blog to talk about food.  I can't help mentioning how incredible Miami's Design District is.  Still a growing neighborhood, it is filled with shops that are more like contemporary art museums, new small farm-to-table restaurants, independent art spaces, and historical neighborhood with some of the most beautiful homes, at least out the outside.

I ate at Egg and Dart with my cousin.  I choose this restaurant because I love Greek food and restaurants that offer small plates.  I tried their lamb meatballs, calamari, ceviche, and a Greek dish called, "Saganaki," a lightly pan-fried melted goat cheese dish. It really satisfied any salt craving you may have.  Oh, and the best thing about this place is they give you bacon as an appetizer!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Marando Farms in Fort Lauderdale

Last weekend I finally visited the husband and wife owned Marando Farms in Fort Lauderdale.  Best know for it year-round farmers market, Marando Farms provides South Floridians with a wealth of fresh local produce, grass-fed beef, honey, fresh baked goods, and an extensive supply of natural pet food. Also, there is an on-site cafĂ© that offers fresh juices and veggie sandwiches.  That day I bought some Sunburst squash, honey, and a fresh loaf of rosemary sourdough bread. 

Marando Farms is also known for it commitment to supporting local farmers and it advocacy around sustainable agriculture.  Marando Farms works closely with local farmers to offer a community supported agriculture program and the farm provides educational workshops focused on gardening and growing sustainably to residents in the community. I am looking forward to visiting again!