Friday, January 16, 2009

Summary of Recent Turf Meeting
Our recent Turf meeting was a very productive one in regards to administrative details. We collectively prepared a delicious Tofu Stir-Fry, which we savored whilst watching videos about the global food crisis. We reexamined the substance materials and documents that will constitute Turf’s High School Internship contract and application process. As part of this discussion, we reviewed the activities that will require the interns enthusiastic involvement and active participation. We also discussed the roles and expectations of those who voluntarily offer their time and services towards the growth and maturation of Turf’s purpose and mission. We are in the process of developing a contract and formal application that is specific to the volunteers, in order to define roles and scope. This meeting was definitely a reminder that the positive health habits that we currently practice on a daily basis have an immense impact not only individually, but communally as well.
–Danielle/Turf Volunteer

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