Sunday, March 1, 2009

Turf's High School Interns at Angelica Kitchen

Lunch at Angelica Kitchen

In February, Turf took a trip to the lower east side to continue surveying grocery stores in the city. Not to be confused with our Community Food Survey (which will help us design our CSA), the grocery store survey will be used to improve the quality of food in our neighborhood grocery stores. However, this day we also took time out to have lunch at Angelica Kitchen. In support of our efforts to address sustainability issues related to food, Angelica Kitchen offered us a donated lunch that exemplified who they are and our shared interest. As a restaurant that offers local and seasonal foods, Angelica Kitchen has been a restaurant on our radar for some time. Turf admires their commitment to supporting local farmers and sustainable agriculture and wanted to highlight their restaurant on our blog.

In Turf, we teach our teen interns the importance and challenges of eating local and healthy. We also teach our teen interns how to make healthy snacks and provide them with opportunities to share these snacks (and their nutritional value) with their peers. Our lunch at Angelica Kitchen, offered our interns the experience to eat food that is healthy, fresh, local, and new in a restaurant setting. Rupert, a high school intern that has been with Turf for 2 months, gives a summary of the lunch below.

Tasting New Foods by Rupert/Turf High School Intern

On February 21st Turf interns took time out of our grease eating, fatty food schedule to bask in something healthier. We went to a restaurant called Angelica’s Kitchen and experienced a new life-style of eating. Angelica serves organic-plant based cuisine.

At the restaurant we ordered three different dishes of food. One thing we ordered was the three bean chili, the second was sushi, and the third was a Reuben sandwich. When we received the food we were very skeptical about how it would taste, but then we started to try it. The chili was good and tasted like regular chili, and we were surprised because we thought it would taste more different. The Reuben sandwich was something different for me and my fellow intern because we were not used to the taste. Our director said the sushi was different for her because she is used to eating sushi made with white rice not brown rice. For our beverage we had lemonade from real lemon, nothing artificial, it tasted sour but was original.

Since we ate our food our director said we could have a treat. For desert we had a pear and mousse cup which was also very new. It was very good and different because we never had a snack with pears in it. After we were done eating we went outside and took a picture with the restaurant manager, Gary, in front of the store.

I had a great time and enjoyed the new experience I shared with my coworkers.

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  1. I'm so glad you visited Angelica's - it was my favourite restaurant when I lived in NYC. And it must have been interesting to compare food and eating habits in different neighbourhoods too.