Friday, April 3, 2009

Taqueria Tlaxcalli: A Mexican Grill Restaurant in Parkchester

Turf high school interns periodically visit restaurants that serve meals made with locally grown foods, such as Angelica Kitchen (located in the lower eastside of Manhattan). However, our interns are also looking for restaurants in our own neighborhood, that even though meals may not be made with organic, locally grown produce, they are made with homemade, fresh foods. A community resident recently recommended Taqueria (a Mexican Grill restaurant) located at 2130 Starling Avenue, Bronx, NY 10462. We wanted to review the restaurant in hopes that it will be a healthy alternative to the many fast food restaurants in our neighborhood. Below, Rupert describes his experience visiting Taqueria.

Rupert Reviews Taqueria

On Friday, April 03, 2009, we sampled the food at Taqueria. The restaurant is very small, but the people were very friendly and there was music playing while we sat and ate our food. The set up of the food and the way they gave it to us was very organized. Their chicken tacos are amazing. The taco shells are soft and the chicken was very mouth watering and scrumptious. I would have eaten more than the one I ordered, but I was full. The food here is good, from my perspective and my fellow intern’s perspective. We recommend this restaurant to people in the community.

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