Friday, July 23, 2010

Interview with Brenda and Benjamin: CSA members

(pictured: Brenda)

The first of a series on getting to know our fellow CSA members.

Last week, we caught up with a couple from our CSA who volunteered to set up collection day at our site, Brenda and Benjamin.

Living in Parkchester since: October 2009.

Favorite thing about Parkchester: It’s cheap and there is a diversity of people.

Favorite place to eat: The Mexican restaurant on McGraw (They forgot the name of it—ed. Note: It is Taqueria Tlaxcalli on Starling Avenue)

Favorite Type of Food: Brenda says she loves Asian food, especially Korean and Vietnamese because she didn’t have much of it while she was growing up. Benjamin agrees, saying his favorite type of food is Thai food, and that he only grew up eating soul food.

Professions: Brenda is a scientist; she studies bacteria. She says that she loves science but it’s a lot of work. She also says because she knows too much for her own good, like the harmful bacteria that could be on a dirty tabletop; she likes things to be clean. Benjamin is a lawyer.

Heard about Turf by: Googling “CSAs in Parkchester”

Joined CSA because: Brenda thinks that it is important to eat locally grown food and that it is also good for the environment. She wants to support the CSA. Benjamin just said his wife made him join, and that he wants to eat healthier.

Favorite Vegetable: Brenda says she loves garlic because, “you can put it in anything and it makes everything taste really good!” Benjamin loves baby carrots; he says he likes to snack on them.

Best part about being part of a CSA: So far, they love getting to know and meet new people in their neighborhood. Brenda also thinks it’s a learning experience since she is introduced to new vegetables.

Advice for CSA members: Washing and starting to prepare your vegetables beforehand makes it a much easier task to eat them throughout the week because all you have to do is just pick it up and eat it.

Interview by Erika; watch this space next week for more interviews with CSA members!

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