Sunday, February 13, 2011

Discussion: Results of the CSA survey

CSA Share
Members, on the whole, were satisfied with the qualities of the share itself, with some "neutral" responses expressed as to the variety, amount, and cost of the share, the majority of "neutral" responses being given in regards to the variety. Whether this is a question of a lack of variety or, perhaps, a feeling of being overwhelmed by the variety, is a question perhaps to be raised amongst our members and/or prospective members.

CSA Distribution
This section had generally favorable responses, except when the question of time and location was brought up, there being one "neutral" and one "disagree" response. Location and time are perhaps questions that need to be answered as there has been discussion amongst the core volunteer team as well about changing distribution time.

CSA Management
General agreement with the management of the CSA being seen in a favorable way was obvious in the responses.

CSA Events
CSA events were seen in a positive light, and some of the comments seemed to denote a desire to have more events during the CSA season.

CSA Education
Many "3" responses were seen here when members were questioned about whether their knowledge of vegetables were enhanced, enriched, or supplemented by participating in the CSA and/or the various cooking demos and other education experiences currently provided, as well as one "disagree" response in that category. It would appear that increasing the amount of cooking demos and perhaps providing more educational opportunities would be a good next step in regards to this area, with perhaps the creation of a cookbook and/or "vegetable" flyers available during distribution days being other ideas that core volunteer team have come up with to improve this area of Turf.

Most people volunteered, and some expressed an interest in having more opportunities to volunteer with and for Turf, with many reactions being positive ("enjoyable", "rewarding"), and the reasons for not volunteering appearing to be based on lack of time, change of residence, and partners switching off volunteer duties.

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