Sunday, August 8, 2010

Meet Sam and Romy, Turf CSA members

Last weekend, we met new csa members, Romy and Sam.

-Where they grew up: Sam grew up in Iowa and lived in New York for ten years. He previously lived in Brooklyn before moving to Parkchester. Romy grew up in New Jersey but says that she’s lived in Los Angeles and even spent some time in London during college before moving to New York. Romy also told us stories from her high school years and going to the Jersey Shore. It was very interesting.

-Professions: Romy works at an art museum, specifically on acquisitions in art. Sam works in giving foundation grants in arts and medical ethics that involve improving patients’ experiences to the controversy over stem cell research.

-Cooking: Sam and Romy both like to cook. Romy says she tries to cook dinner every night. She also says she likes to bake.

-Heard about Turf by: searching “CSAs” on the internet. Romy said she was trying to look for one in Manhattan but they were all too crowded or expensive.

-They joined Turf CSA because…: they do a lot of cooking and that they like to be healthy and “socially responsible”. Sam says it’s important to know where your food is coming from and it’s important to support this type of system to encourage farmers to grow good produce.

-Favorite Vegetable: Sam says he likes the late Jerusalem artichokes because they’re not like most artichokes; they have a crispy flesh, taste fresh, have a great texture, and can be eaten hot or cold. Sam says he’s also a really big fan of arugula. Romy says she likes onions because it “costs nothing” and can go into anything and make it taste better. (Romy told us about how she puts a little bit of olive oil on onions and puts it in the oven and lets it caramelize. She described the smell as “amazing”.)

-Best part about being a part of a CSA: Aside from the food, they like meeting new people and feeling like they’re a part of the neighborhood. They also like being with people with a shared value.

-Advice for CSA members: “The internet is your friend.” Romy says that there are just so many recipes on the internet. She recommends because they have really reliable recipes. However, for new cooks that are still getting to know a good recipe from a bad one, she says to “stick to published recipes.” (Good advice for those weeks we have a new vegetable!)

Although we’ve seen Romy and Sam few times, we got to know that they are very down-to-earth friendly people who were a delight to have as volunteers.

Interview by Erika (Turf High School Intern)

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